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  The many advantages offered by ATN - TRANS ltd. its infrastructure and services make it an exclusive promotional tool, born to become an ideal Distribution Center. Its favorable location in the very heart of the Balkan Peninsula makes it even more attractive. After the World’s latest historical changes, the present trend to group regional economies has obtained favorable results, that is why the important multinational corporations are looking at the emerging markets with great interest. ATN - TRANS ltd. particular location in a country such as Bulgaria, with its stability adds even more incentives for the investors. On its path to political and economic integration, Bulgaria has conquered many achievements, and it is today a very interesting market due to its advantages.



  As an example, let as mention some of them:
-Duty free import and export of goods, machines and equipment, raw materials, etc.;
-Exemption from Value Added Tax, local taxes and fees;
-Investments guarantee and double taxation agreements in force;
-Leasing out manufacturing halls, warehousing facilities and service sites;
-Establishment of enterprises with 100% foreign capital on the territory of the Duty Free Zone or of joint-ventures with no restrictions for foreign participation;
-Exemption from import-export formalities, avoiding bureaucracy, no licenses required;
-Excellent access to Europe, the Middle East as well as to the Bulgarian market.






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